Traditional Persians

Doll Face Persian Kittens, some things you see with your eyes, others you see with your heart.

Traditional Persians
With its long luxurious coat, big expressive eyes, and regal stature, the Dollface Persian is no doubt one of the most ravishing breeds in the world. The Dollface Persians are also equipped with a superior personality especially when it comes to the qualities often desired in a family pet.
Unfortunately, at cat shows the fad is that the shortest nose and the shortest muzzle were selected as the winners. A lot of breeders only breed to produce kittens that will win ribbons at shows. Sadly, in order to make this happen, inbreeding was/is used, more particularly line breeding meaning offspring are bred to parents. These Persians are known as Peke-Face Persians, which is the new show standard in the Persian breed. Cats that have a longer muzzle and a longer nose are considered pet quality, these are what are known as Doll Face Persians (Traditional or Classic Persians). Despite the face that Dollface Persians are not considered show quality, people prefer the traditional look over the show look.
We are against any kind of line breeding. We try to create a perfect loving pet, with all the characteristics every Persian has except for the very short nose and the absence of a muzzle.

The Traditional Doll Face Persian Cat - Enchanting, Utterly Captivating and Totally Addictive

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