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The Iconic Look
- Features that set the Persian cat a part from other breeds.

The Persian cat is in a class of its own. With several unique features, its easy to see why these docile felines remain a favorite amongst cat lovers.


A Persian has a short/cobby body unlike their more long and sleek cousin, the Siamese. Their unique shape makes them less likely to do acrobatics, they much prefer to laze around the house and keep close to the ground. 


Red Persian Cat



Their faces and ears are rounded and due to their skull structure they have a much flatter profile than the majority of other cat breeds.



Their coats are often thick and long, sometimes sweeping the floor, making them a real showstopper among family and friends. Their coat does require routine grooming to keep them looking glamorous.

The most notable feature is their large, expressive jewel toned eyes that come in a variety of colors; green, yellow, icy blue, deep blue, orange, blue-green, yellow-green, teal, copper, and the rare bi-eyes (one green and one blue.)

The Persian is a true work of art in the feline world and one of the most easily recognizable breeds. Without a doubt, thanks to Purina's Fancy Feast brand. They have chosen a silver chinchilla Persian cat as their brand's mascot. 

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