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Interesting Persian Cat Facts

Here are 5 Persian cat facts that make this breed truly unique and have pushed them to the number one most popular household feline breed year after year.

1. Luxury Coats

Persian cats are are most recognized by their long flowy coats which come in a wide range of colors and patterns. With these magnificent locks these cats do require regular brushing and coat maintenance. If you've ever owned or been around one of these beauties, you'll quickly realize just how soft and wonderful they are to cuddle with.


2. Poised Personality

These cats (and kittens) have the most calm demeaners and are extremely gentle, making them the perfect choice for families with children. If you have rambunctious little ones, a Persian will likely hang out near by while enjoying the view. Persians are also knows for being affectionate, some even compare them to dogs because of their loyalty and love of petting sessions. So, if you are looking for a snuggle partner, a Persian will happily soak up all the loving you can give. You really won't find a more even temperament in any other breed.


3. Iconic Face

One of the most beautiful features of the Persian is their bright jewel toned eyes and round teddy bear like appearance. Persian have what is called a brachycephalic skull structure which shortens the bones of the face, giving them a flat profile. In the cat show circuit this is a highly desirable feature, but leads to many respiratory issues and skeletal deformities such as bite alignment problems. 


However, thanks to a few reputable breeders, this trend is slowly fading for a more "doll" like appearance. This less extreme choice makes for healthier cats and kittens with far less (if any) health problems. These breeders are choosing health over so-called beauty standards.

Persian Cat

4. Soft Spoken

Persian cats are quiet by nature. Their voices are soft and you will rarely hear them meow, however, they do tend to happily purr quite a bit. This makes them ideal for apartments and for households with young children. No one wants to be woken up by obnoxious meowing in the middle of the night.

5. Intelligent

Persian cats, while a bit on the lazy side are quite intelligent. Many Persian cat owners will tell you they remind them of a dog. With treats you can easily teach your Persian tricks. They can even learn their names and come when called. They love the sound of a treat bag and will always come trotting over to find you. Interactive toys are also great for a Persian as it enhances their daily life and helps nurture their basic instincts. Motorized mice and other toys they can chase are great for this! Below are a few of our recommendations. 

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