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Persian Kittens for Sale

The thought of adding a new kitten to your family can be an exciting time, but where exactly do you find Persian kittens for sale?

In this article we explore how to choose the right Persian kitten breeder and give you our top picks.

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So, you've decided to welcome a Persian kitten into your family? Introducing a new pet into your life can be an exciting time. But where do you start? It is important to find an experienced breeder who loves what they do and produces healthy kittens. Health should be a breeders number one priority!

A quick internet search will bombard you with loads of seemingly available kittens for sale. We strongly urge you to stay away from sites like Craigslist and Facebook's Marketplace as they are full of scammers and people looking to offload problematic pets to unsuspecting families. Pets are like family members and choosing one should be a thoughtful process. Buying someone else's "problem" could turn into heartbreak for the new owner or at the very least a costly one.


Look for a breeder with at least 10+ years experience working solely with the Persian breed. Their time in business is a testament to their overall love of the breed and their passion for providing families with top quality Persian kittens. The more experienced a breeder is, the more knowledgeable they are with their bloodlines. It takes time to perfect and strengthen and the health and personality of any breed.

Any legitimate breeder will have clear photos of the actual kittens they have for sale at any given time. Kittens should be well taken care of with clean healthy coats, clean faces and clear bright eyes. Runny or cloudy eyes, matted or dull coats should be the first indication that something is wrong with a kitten. If a kitten appears to be sick in any way, it likely is. Photos should be of the kittens standing in a natural environment, not held by the face/neck like a dirty rag. Lastly, kittens should not be listed for sale under 5-6 weeks of age, no exceptions. Before a kitten is listed for sale their eyes should be open, a vaccination program started and their personality starting to show through. Listing kittens before this time is unethical. Did you know it is against the law to even sell a kitten under 8 weeks of age? If any problems arise with a new kitten, they will likely show in those first few weeks.

Any professional breeder will have some sort of contract in place to protect your purchase and offer a health guarantee, even if for a short amount time. Doing so means that they take their breeding program seriously and respect their customers. They also have faith and know their Persian kittens come with a clean bill of health to make their transition into their new homes as seamless as possible.


Prior to leaving a breeder all kittens should come with a clean will bill of health signed by a licensed veterinarian. This signals that your new kitten was recently seen by a vet and that no issues were found during their exam. Veterinarian costs are not cheap for anyone, but as we stated earlier, health should be a breeders top priority. 

With health and DNA testing widely available any breeder should be testing for genetic health issues such as PKD and HCM. In general Persian are healthy cats with a life expectancy of 15+ years, some even lasting to 20+ years. The longevity of your kitten depends on the strength of the lines they come from. A breeder should be selective about the cats they choose to work with and never work with problematic blood lines for the sake of beauty standards.


Polycystic Kidney Disease is an inherited condition that is aggressive and one is which there is no cure for. Because this disease is inherited, it also means that it is preventable. Nearly 50% of all untested Persian cats are PKD positive. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this horrible disease. By testing for PDK a breeder can prevent passing it down to their kittens. To learn more about PDK, check out our other article.

HCM is Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the most commonly diagnosed cardiac disease in cats. This is also another disease that a breeder can test for to insure that the breeding parents are not passing down this inherited trait to future kittens. Much like PKD approximately 50% of offspring will inherit the gene if one parent is a carrier. Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a condition that causes the muscular walls of a cat's heart to thicken, decreasing the heart's efficiency and sometimes creating symptoms in other parts of the body.

Outside of these genetically inherited issues, any ethical cat breeder should be free of any fleas or ticks with the use of a monthly preventative. Parasites should be treated with a scheduled preventative as well. All adults and kittens should be ringworm/fungus free and ear mite free. All of these health issues are preventable with proper knowledge, care, observation and preventative measures.

Lastly, look for a breeder with an informative, regularly updated professional website. It's pretty easy to spot a cheap, sketchy website. Often times, when something seems too good to be true it often is. A website should be fairly easy to navigate and clearly advertise the kittens they have available. A professional breeder, or anyone looking to sell an animal will have an application on their page. This is extremely common, as a breeder should carefully place their kittens into the best homes possible, not just sell to anyone with the means to purchase. A breeder will want to know that their kitten is being placed into a loving home which can provide the proper care. Also, remember just because you applied does not automatically mean you will be approved. 

To summarize, look for the following when choosing an ethical breeder:

1. Experience 

2. Clear photos of well taken care of kittens.

3. Contract

4. Veterinarian wellness check

5. DNA Testing

6. Professional website which provides helpful information

7. Prices

We've done our research across the internet so you don't have to! Dollface Persian Kittens located in Missouri is by far the most professional and experienced breeder within the USA. After reading endless testimonials and observing their website and business practices, they are the breeder that we recommend above all others. We encourage you to check them out for yourself! They produce a wonderful variety of beautiful and most importantly healthy kittens. Their variety of knowledge they have available on their website ( for free!) far exceeds any other Persian cat/kitten site we have come across. 

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