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Luxury Pet Furniture

A comprehensive guide to luxury pet furniture. No matter your personal style or color palette, we've got you covered. From sleek modern designs to fun and whimsical. Check out our top picks below.

Scratching Posts


Scratching posts provide your new feline an opportunity to get some exercise, stretch and offer an appropriate place for them to scratch. A part of normal cat behavior is the instinctive need to scratch on surfaces to remove excess claw material and keep the nails clean and in good shape. Cats obviously enjoy this behavior and certainly are not aware that their behavior may be seen as destructive to their owners. Providing an appropriate place for your kitty to scratch will not only save your favorite pieces of furniture it will also enrich their day to day lives. These scratching posts come in an array of materials, shapes and colors to match any room in your home. 

Cat Beds


There are cat beds to fit every owner (and kitten) personality! They come in every shape and color imaginable. A warm and cozy bed provides a safe and secure place for your pet to relax and nap. Did you know that cats can sleep upwards of 22 hours a day? Why not provide them with a fun napping place. Most cat beds are machine washable making it easy to keep their safe space in tip top shape. We recommend placing one or two beds in your cat's favorite room. You can even sprinkle catnip inside to encourage them to check out their new fun space. 



Cat trees and towers also come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes to fit any space. We highly recommend every feline home to have one. While Persian cats aren't as energetic and athletic as other breeds they do benefit from exercise and the mental stimulation these jungle gyms provide.

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