Doll Face Persian Kittens

 Doll Face Persian Kittens established in 1989.
Owned & Operated by Trisha, Ann & Tegan Johnson in Unionville, Missouri.

Offering superior quality Persians, Himalayans, Exotic Shorthairs,& the coveted Rug Hugger Persians.   

Long-standing & dedicated cat breeder works with PKD & FELV/FIV Negative lines only and has served some of the biggest names in Hollywood.
You will see Doll Face Persian Kittens across the nation, everywhere from the Fancy Feast commercials to therapy pets in nursing & rehabilitation centers. These highly sought-after felines rank number one in the nation for a reason. Health, personality & beauty. When a Persian cat breeder truly cares for the customer and kitty, they remain in business for 30+ years.
Working with a rainbow of colors & sizes.
Doll Face Persian Kittens is sure to help you find the kitten of your dreams.
For more information on this cattery, please visit their primary site here.

Detailed kitten application must be approved prior to purchasing.