Cats Facts - Things you didn't know about Cats

Cat Facts

Cats are very unique creatures that we’ve grown to love and enjoy. Because they’re so fascinating, it’s not surprising that there are many facts about our felines that some may be unaware of. Here we’ve compiled a list of some facts about cats and kittens that you may not have known!

  • A cat's heart beats at a rate of 110-140 beats per minute. 
  • Just as any person can be identified by their fingerprints, since they are never repeated, the same applies to the print of a cat nose. 
  • Cats can produce more than 100 different sounds!
  • Cats have difficulty seeing at a short distance. So if you are wondering why they are not reacting on the "yummy treats" you are slipping under their nose, this is why. The most comfortable area for their vision varies from 28 inches to 6 meters.
  • There is scientific evidence that cats retract their claws during sleep. This applies to the entire cat family, minus cheetahs.
  • Typically, cats have 12 whiskers on each side!
  • If you trim a cat's whiskers, it will completely change its behavior. This is because they perceive the world around us exactly with their whiskers.
  • The feline tribe does not sweat! The only part of their body which can become wet is paw pads.
  • Kittens can be right- or left-pawed, the same way people are right- or left-handed. If you watch closely you'll be able to determine whether your kitten uses his right or left paw when checking out new things. 
  • Kittens can fit their bodies almost anywhere they can squeeze their heads into. Be sure to exercise the utmost care and caution when kitten-proofing your home! 
  • A kitten's whiskers are about as long as their bodies are wide. This is because whiskers are used to navigate through their surroundings and explore new places without having to put their entire body there.
  • The front paws of a cat are different from their back paws. They have five toes on the front but only four on the back.
  • Cats enjoy sitting on warm objects, which is probably why your kitty likes to sit on your computer so often. 
  • A cat can rotate each of its ears separately. Each ear has a total of 32 muscles.
  • Cats purr up to 26 times per second.
  • A cat's tail will quiver if it is near someone that they love.
  • Kittens can't see & hear fully until 2-3 weeks old
  • The average Persian litter size is 2-4 kittens
  • Kittens sleep around 18 hours per day
  • All kittens are born with blue eyes
  • Kittens have 26 teeth and adult cats have 30 teeth.
  • A Himalayan is a Persian with 8 color points (the 4 paws, the mask on his face, the tail and it's ears).